It’s Tarot Tuesday again!

I’d love to gift you with this weekly reading 

Take a deep breath.

Close your eyes and center yourself. Pick a card below.

Made your choice yet?

Ready for the big reveal?


The first card is the Six of Cups.

A card of beautiful implications, the Six of Cups focuses on the magic and innocence of childhood. The roots of years past are alight with color and vibrancy… look back upon them, get lost in your memories. Old friends may surface and seek you out. All reunions will be joyful. Enjoy simple pleasure and wonder in all areas of your life. 

Intuitive Notes

If you are reading this card and rolling your eyes because your childhood was NOT innocent or magical, let me hold space for you. You are not alone. Almost everyone I know, including myself, is spending adulthood recovering from their childhood. So, what does this card mean for you if your childhood was dark and abusive? 

It’s a call to look at JUST HOW FAR you have come! Something will show bring you back to your younger years and you will get a good look at the amazing progress you’ve made despite every challenge that was in your path. Harness that badassery and take it with you as you go towards your next level of greatness. 

The second card is the Six of Swords.

The Six of Swords is a card indicating a recovery from difficult times. Hope is on the horizon; things will get better. It’s important to rest, revitalize , and surround yourself with joyful friends. Plan a trip, short or long. Even getting out of town for the weekend will further lift your spirits. 

Intuitive Notes

You. Have. Been. Put. Through. The. Ringer. 

You have somehow made it through and things are starting to look up. But you’re not all the way out of the woods. You know those beliefs that you turned on their heads and those things you learned as you walked through the shit show? You know the things that you decided you would be changing no matter what to create the life you know is possible? 

This is your chance to walk in alignment with that expansive belief. In other words, even if you’re broke, practice being RICH. Even if you’re sad, practice being JOYFUL. Even if you’re feeling hopeless, practice GRATITUDE

Even though you’re still walking through the valley of the shadow of death, remember that life and the universe are responding to your energy and actions. If you decided to shift something while in this darkness, stick with it. 

The third card is the Eight of Swords.

Surrounded by obstacles and threats on all sides, you find yourself the victim. You see no way out, no available choices. Your perceptions keep you from opening your wings and taking flight. What keeps you suspended here? Yourself or others? The Eight of Swords demands and answer. You cannot hang here much longer. 

Intuitive Notes

This one is simple. Every single thing that bothers you about someone else is an illusion. The behavior is evidently real but the subject is off. This card is about projection. Are you projecting your frustrations about yourself onto other people? Are you giving your power over to people who you know will not take care of you? Are you waiting for permission to show all the way up and live your life exactly the way you want to live it? 

Here’s your permission.

Keep up the charades (however well-intentioned they may be) and you absolutely will CRASH and BURN. Take it from me. This is a warning blaring in your face. 

Have the courage to take control of the situations in your life that are not lighting you up. Take responsibility for your fulfillment. No one else can do it for you.