Pinterest For Your Business

Pinterest 101: The Basics

Pinterest is a platform that is unlike any other social media outlet out there. The main difference is that Pinterest is where people go to plan their purchases, strategize for their new healthy lifestyle and visualize upgrading their lives. It’s the exact mindset that we, as business owners, need to use to our advantage. Your Pinterest account is essentially a collection of collections of things that you and your ideal customer both enjoy.

 The 3 boards you MUST have some version of are:

  • Craft/DIY
  • Home Decor
  • Food/Recipes

Try to create at least 10 boards so people have a bit to scroll through if they land on your Pinterest account.

Ideally, you want to have your own business spin on the boards you create. For example, My friend, Thana has a home decor board but it’s mid-century/retro because her business is all about selling Mid Century Homes.

Try to infuse your business personality with every pin.

You can convert your personal account to a business account by following this tutorial. Before you do, though, clean up your Pinterest boards (because you don’t need 12 different food boards).


But what should I pin?

Pin what your customer would find funny, entertaining or useful. There’s more to Pinterest than recipes and craft tutorials! Find some great quotes, funny videos or inspiring photos. You can search right within Pinterest and just repin what you like. Try to pin 5-30 times per day. It keeps you top-of-feed (and thus top of mind) for your followers. Buffer (a social media scheduling app that I personally L-O-V-E has a great little article on what Pin types do well on each day. Check it out here!

Don’t worry about sending traffic to a “competitor’s” site because it’s impossible to recreate every article on their page. Just focus on becoming a resource in your topic of expertise.

Uploading Your Own Content!

You can pin your Instagram posts, links leading to your website, and infographics! Want to know how make photos that are appropriately sized for Pinterest? Here’s a good tutorial for that (and other great info).

When you’re pinning something from your page, be THOROUGH with your caption. Get to the point right away and then add details. Hashtags are not necessary because Pinterest pulls keywords right from the caption. But you CAN use vanity hashtags like #nannetteminley at the end of all my pins or event-specific tags. Here’s more information on hashtags!

When you re-pin something great that has a lackluster caption, update it and include a link to your website! It’s a great way to leverage the popularity of a pin and get your name out there.

 Extra Notes:

Don’t send traffic to your site without a way to capture it.

The reason you want traffic coming in is to convert the person from a browser to a buyer. If you have no way to continue the conversation, it’s really not helping you out in the long run. One of the easiest and most effective ways to capture traffic from Pinterest is by using an email capture program.

How do you capture emails? I use ConvertKit (This is an affiliate link. When you sign up, they will send me a small commission but you do not pay extra! It helps keep the blog running.)

Convertkit is only $29 a month and works amazingly with WordPress (the most commonly used blog platform in 2016). The link does offer some tutorials but I can assist with getting any of this executed in your business. The $29 covers the actual capture form, managing your leads, email sequence capabilities and thorough analytics.

I want to create a new post around group boards in the future but this blog post from Clickz is really informative in the mean time- Group Boards!