Identifying your core values and connecting them with your value propositions will radically transform your business. This post is a long one that you may need to read more than once. That’s okay. Come back to this post as often as you feel the need to and reach out if you need clarification.

What is a value proposition?

value proposition is a business or marketing statement that a company uses to summarize why a consumer should buy a product or use a service. This statement convinces a potential consumer that one particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings. –Investopedia



Okay, in plain English-

A value proposition is a statement that communicates the value you bring to the table in a concise and obvious way SO THAT people will purchase whatever you are selling.

Side note: I take issue with the word “convince” because that would only need to happen if you’re cold-selling (gross) or if they’ve already said no and you’re begging them to change their mind (double gross). Let’s not do this.

Communicating is good. Compelling is awesome. Convincing is creepy. Capisce?

Why do you need one?


This is literally how you make your sales- it’s the core of your marketing. Having this level of clarity in what sets your offering/business apart is a total freaking game changer. 

Imagine knowing EXACTLY how to answer the question, “What makes you different from X?” or “Why do I need your help if I already have X?”

Also, imagine feeling ZERO ounces of guilt or anxiety when you deliver your price because you are in deep connection with the total value you bring to the people that hire you/buy from you?

Imagine that level of alignment? That is available to you right now if you sit down and write your value proposition.




How to write your own?

There is a ton of information out there that goes into this so I’m linking to my favorite articles here but then I’ll share more of my perspective.

Quicksprout does a pretty great job of breaking this down in this infographic.


Hubspot Value Proposition Infographic


I also loved this blog post from Help Scout. It was incredibly thorough AND  thought provoking.

Your core values = your value proposition.

The best way to differentiate yourself and your product offerings is infuse your brand with your core values.

Doing this allows you to:


Attract clients with similar core values who are an absolute dream to work with.

Attracting soulmate clients that share your values is not as complicated as it may seem. If you consistently center your content around your core values, there will be no guess work. Everyone who comes in contact with you or your content.


Build know, like, and trust factor quickly.

This is a standard marketing principle that especially holds true for personal brands. Your prospective clients (or soulmate clients) must know, like, and trust you. When your core values are clearly defined (KNOW) and people can quickly decipher how you would stand on relevant topics (if they stand in the same place, LIKE), trusting you is EASY. This is really exciting because building trust normally takes the most amount of time out that equation.


Communicate at a deeper level than your competitors.

If your soulmate client has spent any considerable amount of time trying to solve the problem that you can help them with, they’ve probably heard all the “basic” advice on this topic. When you get really plugged into your core values and allow them to transform your methods and content, this speaks to them at a new and exciting level. I have personally had great success with this on social media. I’ll add a screen shot to show what I mean. 


Almost every single person commented with their answer and some iteration of “WHAT AN AWESOME QUESTION!” Marketing is my focus but my core value is easily shared here. Resistance to marketing is tied to trauma/emotional baggage accrued early in life. When I asked this question, it got every one thinking deeper about a problem that haunts them. That’s a win for them AND it sets me apart from other marketing coaches.


Define your offering as a revolutionary product even if it is logistically similar to others.

This is something that Apple does extraordinarily well. Every single year they have a keynote in the fall where they share their new products. This event is, essentially, two hours of marketing where they announce the changes and updates to their devices. If you have some time to spare, PLEASE go watch how they describe every single feature and update.

Their thorough understanding of communication allows them to infuse their core values into almost every single thing they announce. It’s masterful. The core value of the Apple Store is “Enrich Lives.” Every feature is explained at the keynote with that context in mind so that all the Apple Store employees that watch it (and believe me, 99% of them do) will be able to share with the same level of mastery.




Simplified: A faster processor in your next iPhone is not just a faster processor; There is always a real life application that is improved by this, THUS actually enriching lives.

They connect these dots for the audience and allow us to really feel the impact of their improvements even if we aren’t techy.

So what is the next thing you need to do to stand out in the marketplace without being slimy?


Define your core values ASAP and learn how they relate to your soulmate client’s lives. Do you know enough about your soulmate clients to do this? If not, I highly recommend downloading my free workbook on attracting soulmate clients through social media.