4 Different Ways to Sell Your Crafts Online

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When it comes to selling your products or crafts online, everyone recommends the usual suspects.

  • Etsy
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Craigslist

That four-letter site that rhymes with Betsy is everyone’s “go-to,” which is awesome! But here are four other ways to sell your crafts online!

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the resources above because they are totally valid ways to sell your stuff online-except for Craigslist, please do NOT sell your high quality products on Craigslist.

But I wanted to share some out of the box ways to sell your physical products because sometimes you just need a little extra inspiration!

1. Sell Your Craft Products in a Subscription Box!

Did you know that you can sell to your customers on MONTHLY basis? I’m sure you’ve seen your friends talk about Ipsy Bag or Birchbox. Did you know that you can make a subscription box filled with a mixture of products for your customers? You CAN! And it’s actually not super complicated.

I’ve searched far and wide and found an amazing website called Cratejoy that allows you to set up your subscription box service through them. They help you build the website for free and you can get started quickly! All you have to do is market it and ship it out and you’ll be selling your crafts online on a monthly basis. You develop residual income which is the backbone of building wealth with your business. Here’s an example of a subscription box on Cratejoy: Goddess Provisions


2. Sell Your Craft Products as DIY Kits!

You guys. These are SOOO great I can’t stand it. You essentially put together all the materials necessary for a project, create incredibly clear instructions and then package it well. Someone that does this well (in tandem with a subscription box, by the way!) is Colorways Gallery on Etsy!


Photo is property of SMOOSH Blanekts, SMOOSH Yarns and SMOOSH Stix (TM) by ColorWaysGallery!

Photo is property of SMOOSH Blanekts, SMOOSH Yarns and SMOOSH Stix (TM) by ColorWaysGallery!


This pulls in the people that LOVE DIY but want the convenience of a DIY kit. Selling your crafts online without actually making the crafts? Win-win! Rather than alienating people that love to use their hands and get in on the fun, you can include them.

3. Sell Your Craft Products as an experience With Live & Recorded Classes!


You can also just teach people how to do your craft! You are probably, initially, pretty freaked out by the idea of giving away your information but rest assured. Most of the people (if not all of them) will not actually implement what you teach them to the capacity they would need to in order to run a business. AKA- People are lazy so you don’t need to worry.

You can teach on craftsy.com or other similar websites but I would recommend teaching on your own website so you can see the analytics. Need help with this? Email me, I can help.


4. Sell Complementary Products along with yours!

What an incredible time to be alive! Did you know that you can put your drawings or digital designs onto physical products like t-shirts, hats, phone cases, mugs and even leggings? (Bonus: They are located in California and offer many items made entirely in the US.)
You can do this all AT NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU with Printful!


Here’s how Printful works:

  • A. You upload your art or designs (if you have some fanfare, you can even throw your logo on a shirt but really you can just design something that complements your brand).
  • B. You select what products you would like to feature that design on and adjust the positioning of your art to make sure it sits just right and Printul produces a mock up photo. They also tell your their total cost to produce that item along with a recommended price at this point.
  • C. You put the product up for sale online at the recommended price, using the mock up photo they provided.
  • D. You link your shop with Printful so that it will automatically start making the product upon the order confirmation.
  • E. Customer buys product at recommended price and you kick back Printful’s portion.
  • F. They ship it out to your customer with your branding on the packaging.

With Printful, you can get started without all the overhead. You only pay them IF you make sale.

Want to try some of these out?

Technically speaking, you could do all of these at once, but start off with one at a time. Combining number 1 and 2 would be a high profit match made in heaven.



PS- If you need help implementing any of the strategies I laid out above, please email hello@nannetteminley.com!

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