Everyone knows that Facebook is a great way to grown and maintain your business but not everyone goes about it the right way. Success in any business (but especially handmade) is contingent on strong relationships and your ability to form them. Facebook is built to facilitate relationships so that’s really handy. There are some other ways to use the features of Facebook to grow your business. I’ve listed some here.

1. Create a Facebook business page.

Why? It’s a central hub for your fans for find you. It’s crucial that you do all your business related communications from a business page. Facebook is very particular about this. It’s best to use it like a billboard. Post relevant but non-salesy posts. It’s important to check with the social media compliance rules in your company.
Bonus Tip: When choosing the communications for this Facebook page, make sure that your readers know YOU a little better after viewing it. It’s great to talk about your products but what makes you stand out is your ability to share content that your ideal customer would love!

2. Create a Facebook group for your loyal customers.

Why? It creates a space for your raving fans to find social proof. They love what you do and so do all the other people in the group. It’s validating and makes your customers feel like a part of something special. If you don’t have loyal customers yet, add your regular customers and post challenges/games that will keep them active. The name of the game here is engagement. The more engagement in the group, the more mental advertising space you and your company hold.
Bonus Tip: Host giveaways within your group that are creative and fun. Again, branding is key here. And don’t add anyone without their permission. Share the link with your customers.

3. Use Facebook Ads.

This one requires cash but can have some of the biggest results. You can make ads to attract new customers or you can target your current fans to become top of mind again. You’ll be surprised at how easy this can be but start with a very small budget and use what you know about your ideal customer to craft the perfect audience for your ad.

Bonus Tip: Might sound like a broken record here, but remaining on brand is the best way to really connect with your customers. Make sure that you’re using the same color palette that your products and website have. This will set off a trigger in your customer’s mind because they remember seeing that color combination before.

These are just three ways to use Facebook to grow your business.