And what to do instead.


Success is a matter of habit rather than a matter of luck. If you do things that manifest success, success follows. That’s not to say that success is easy to attain. Rather, that it’s not complicated. Here are 7 habits you need to ditch in order to find success!


This is a habit that will eat you from the inside out and the outside in. It creates an atmosphere of ungratefulness and poisons your entire mindset. Success and gratitude go hand in hand. Complaining and failure do too.

What to do instead: If there’s something you don’t like in life, change it. If you can’t change it, let it go.


Comparing is useless for a few reasons. One reason is that your attention, your focus, is on someone else’s life, things, circumstances, etc. If your focus is there, it cannot be on your own life. It doesn’t serve you in any way to compare. Another reason comparing is the antithesis of success is that you don’t know someone’s whole story. You are comparing from the vantage point of your whole life (including your failures and incomplete projects) to their professionally edited highlight reel.

What to do instead: Set goals for yourself independent of other people’s success. Remember that someone’s success doesn’t equate to your failure.


This one is a bit more underhanded and more socially acceptable. Perfectionism looks like a good thing but is actually a hinderance. Successful people know that excellence is no more important that completion. Perfectionism is insecurity in a three-piece-suit. Don’t fall for the notion that things need to be perfect, they just need to be good and they need to be done.

What to do instead: Set deadlines, set check points and stick to them. And for the love of all that is good, don’t delay in putting something out because it’s not absolutely perfect. You will delay forever.


Fear can sometimes look like avoidance, lots of non-income-generating activity and critical behavior. If you find yourself attempting to discredit people’s success (see: Comparing) or you notice that you are in a self-sabotage loop, you might be holding on to some unnecessary fear.

What to do instead: Sit in silence and examine your thoughts. Visualize yourself as successful and write down every thought that tries to tell you it in not possible. When you’re done, look at those reasons and see that they are not true. Doing this regularly will help you keep your subconscious emotions in check.


You might be thinking, “Duh!” It’s still worth mentioning. Laziness is just not in the realm of success! Lazy people do just enough to get by. Businesses don’t arrive at success on the bare minimum. They require work beyond that. Sometimes laziness is a form of fear or even a form of perfectionism. Laziness as fear looks like “I’m scared I’ll look foolish while doing this so I won’t do this.” Laziness as perfectionism, “If I’m going to do this, it needs to be perfect and I don’t know if I can make it perfect so I won’t do this.” It’s a loop. Break it!

What to do instead: Create a habit of excellence. Always go the extra mile. Take up working out and become more disciplined. Set small and incremental goals and make sure that they are non-negotiable in your mind. Push yourself a little harder each day. Be willing to be seen in progress.


<h2>The amazing thing about habits is that you can change them.</h2>

They are totally within¬†your control and that’s awesome! Ditch these habits today and within a month, you should start seeing some differences.

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Nannette Minley