VIP Intuitive Business Intensives
Let’s create clarity, shall we?

Intuitive Business Intensives are an amazing way to go deep into a specific issue or challenge in your business so we can create an aligned solution that brings you clients, income, ease and/or business expansion.

These are 3-6 hour sessions that allow us to focus and build beautiful strategies that are unique for you and your business in its current stage.

We will spend our time on whatever feels right for you but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Quarterly Marketing Plan
  • Mapping out your funnel
  • Content Co-Creation
  • Brainstorming a freebie/opt-in
  • Clarifying your offers
  • Creating a new signature offer
  • Intuitively connecting with your soulmate clients
  • Expanding to a new social media platform
  • Building out processes to bring in VA’s or team members
  • Creating plans to attract new clients

As we lay down the plans for your business expansion, mindset concerns will naturally rise to the surface to be examined.

This is important: We WILL be examining those. It is my belief that strategy is useless if your heart is not on board and so we will never rush through to create a strategy if it feels even 1% wrong for you.

Normally, when there is an aversion to a strategy, it’s not the whole strategy. The resistance is more likely a belief about what that strategy entails. Strategies are really quite flexible so we will quickly get to the bottom of any resistance and remove the specific aspect that doesn’t feel good

My purpose in all this is that lightworkers and intuitives are supported energetically, financially and emotionally by their work. This is how I’m using my gifts and skills to help shift the collective consciousness.  

I’m a marketing expert, yes. But I have learned that marketing inefficiency is rarely due to a lack of knowledge- it is normally linked to a dismissed and suppressed sense of self worth or a discomfort around full expression.

Side note: If you truly connected with how inconceivably magical you are just by existing and experiencing life the way you do, marketing your offers would be a no-freaking-brainer.



I work with coaches, healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, health-focused consultants and other people who are on a mission to change the world one person at a time. The unifying thought is, “I am here on earth at this time for a reason and I’m going to make that reason the cornerstone of my business and income.”

My work is for you if you are committed to your growth and understand that you want to HEAL your relationship with marketing and release all resistance that holds you back from that growth.

This is for you if you want to build a business that feels 100% aligned with you AND leads to expansion in all the ways that light you up. It is deep AND practical work. This is not for you if you are not ready to dig into your mind and deeply connect with yourself.


I could hand you the most perfect marketing strategy of all time and you still wouldn’t execute on it because some part of you (or multiple parts of you) believes that you shouldn’t, don’t deserve, are unprepared for or will dislike the success that follows.

This is the work we do together. It’s intimate, raw, transformational, practical and DEEP AF.

There will be laughter, tears, maybe even some howling.

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I currently offer 2-4 Intensives per month as they require a lot of energy and focus. The investment for the 3 hour intensive is $1111 and the 6 hour intensive is $2222. 

The 6 hour intensive can be split into two 3 hour sessions if needed.

During our time together, you can expect the following:

  1.  14 days of 1:1 access via Facebook Messenger.
  2. I will review your social media content, email content, etc. to make sure it is aligned with your growth plan.
  3. Recording for the session(s) so you can review any time.
  4. Access to any notes I take during our session.

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