[PLEASE STOP LETTING THIS HOLD YOU BACK! FOR THE LOVE OF GODDESS.] You are a soulful woman who is using your gifts/skills/knowledge to help heal the world and other people. You know the work you do can really help people but you’re struggling with finding paying clients. It’s not for lack of trying either. You have tried things. Lots of things. But they felt awkward or out of alignment.


Let me tell you why that is- You are not typical.


What you do is innovative, against the main current and holistic. You’re trying to fit into a box (a formula) that literally cannot hold you.


You need customized marketing strategy because you are NOT like everyone else. In fact, you need customized marketing because your CLIENTS are not like everyone else. This is one of the reasons why nothing is working the way you thought it would! But who am I? What do I know? I’m a marketing strategist who focuses on HOLISTIC marketing for your soul-powered business.


What I mean by holistic marketing is this- almost every component in your business is marketing. Promotion is marketing, yes- but so is each social media post, your on-boarding process, your products themselves, etc. These all affect whether or not a person would work with you or buy from you. When you relegate your marketing strategy to ONLY social media posts or paid ads, you lose out. BIG TIME.

This is my offer:


A 90 Day Marketing Plan.


This includes:


  A 3 hour intensive to lay out the groundwork for the next 90 days. Launches, challenges, new funnels, etc.


🌪 A fully mapped customer journey. Start to finish. This will keep your clients coming back over and over again.


💥 90 days worth of daily marketing tasks customized for your business.


This is all delivered in a beautiful, customized and thorough PDF for you to reference daily. What you gain from taking me up on this intensive is invaluable. How many times have you sat down to “do some marketing” and got back up after 15 minutes of frustration, overwhelm and/or aimless scrolling?

How many times have you spent AGES creating a program that you know will ROCK your soulmate clients but then NO ONE buys?

How often are you feeling guilt or shame because you haven’t nurtured your audience by creating content for them?


Listen up, you are here to do important things and something as small as marketing should not be holding you back! The world needs you to show all the way up. Let’s set up a call to see how this intensive could radically transform your business.