So what is it? Is it…

Facebook? Twitter? Youtube? Periscope? Blab? Pinterest? Instagram? Meerkat? Google Plus? Linkedin?

(Are your eyes glazed over yet?)

So here’s your answer. There are two apps you need to know like the back of your hand.

  1. 1. The one you’re already an expert in (probably Facebook).

  2. 2. Where your ideal customer likes to spend their time.

Before I share some examples, I want to emphasize something. The applications where your ideal customer spends their time is best used as a platform to build a relationship with them. Please turn off the rehearsed 30 second speech about how you can change their lives. They are at that website because it’s where they like to be.

Imagine being at the gym and then having someone follow you around offering their ultra-mega-super-food protein shake every time you switched machines? Annoying right? Don’t be that network marketer.

So, where are your customers? Here are a few examples to get you thinking.

  • Is your product a feminine and fashion-based product? Your ideal customer might be spending a lot of their time on Pinterest.
  • Is your product more health-minded and fitness based? Spark People or Fitocracy might be a better place to hang with your ideal customers.
  • Is your product aimed at professionals and white-collar workers? LinkedIn is where those people congregate.
  • Is your ideal customer someone who has a short attention span but likes to keep up with news? You might find them on Twitter.

You see how this changes pretty drastically from customer to customer? There are many factors at play and spending your precious creative energy to try to learn the ins and outs of the wrong one is a most intense waste of time. Stick to the one you know and the one your customer is using. Once you totally master those two, feel free to keep looking around and learning more.

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