1:1 Business Coaching

If you haven’t had a chance to learn a bit about me, here’s the short version: I support lightworkers and coaches call in high-end soulmate clients via social media in a way that makes them feel ALIVE and ALIGNED.  When people hire me they are experiencing some block or bottleneck in their marketing and sales process that is holding them back from consistent income, growth, or sustainable success in general.

I go in to figure out what the root cause is of the marketing issues or what core belief is slowing our progress. Typically, in the case of lightworkers, it’s a lack of clarity in the value they actually bring to their clients. Other times it’s a mistaken belief that things need to be hard in order to be considered valuable. The second belief can make marketing your soul-fueled business feel… icky. 

Because intuition comes naturally to intuitive people, they feel they can’t charge a price that will sustain them.

Because they are not needing to suffer/work hard to connect with that part of themselves, they undercharge or self-sabotage in other ways.

The fact that it’s easy/simple for you is PRECISELY why you can charge prices that actually line up with your desired lifestyle.

These beliefs will come up organically as we work on your business. We begin our work in these areas of marketing- copywriting, soulmate client clarity, funnels, program co-creation, etc.

I used to JUST offer the logistical marketing support but I found that almost every single person who did NOT follow through with their strategy needed a different kind of support. This is where my coaching business was really born. When I started exploring the resistance that people (especially healers and coaches) had to marketing, I learned that it rarely had anything to do WITH MARKETING AT ALL. 

When people first come to work with me….

They feel unsafe to share their truth boldly.

They are scared of being criticized for charging for their work.

They feel disempowered around being able to get what they want.

They KNOW their work is important but stay small to not appear SALESY.

They felt all this but then they called it “I’m just not good at marketing.” 

This misdiagnosed issue tends to be self-fulfilling until you do the work to dig into the REAL resistance.

This is why I believe that learning to properly market your soul-centered business creates a massive opportunity for personal growth. This personal growth feels like OWNING all of yourself. It feels like allowing yourself to be seen for who you actually are without desperately awaiting validation from your audience. It feels like confidently sharing whatever comes up for you to share without second guessing yourself at a every turn. It feels like TRULY trusting yourself (and your connection to your intuition) and making decisions easily from that place.

This “marketing” program will not just help you market your business better. It will absolutely change your relationship with yourself. It will create EASE and SAFETY around expressing yourself without inhibition…. And you’ll learn to make loads of money as a compensation for that expression.

My purpose in all this is that lightworkers and intuitives are supported energetically, financially and emotionally by their work. This is how I’m using my gifts and skills to help shift the collective consciousness. Now that you understand my soul a bit, let’s add a bit of context.

After we deal with those things, we move into the more logistical areas of marketing- copywriting, soulmate client clarity, funnels, program co-creation, etc. I support you in your strategy. I support you in your personal growth. They are always parallel. They are two sides of the same coin. My purpose in all this is that lightworkers and intuitives are supported energetically, financially and emotionally by their work. This is how I’m using my gifts and skills to help shift the collective consciousness. Now that you understand my soul a bit, let’s add a bit of context.


The short answer is: I remove the noise, the extra and unnecessary “shoulds” and help you find your magnetic edge. I walk along side you as you GROW your business in a way that feels good to you and is aligned with your core values. I challenge you to bust through patterns and burn away limiting beliefs. I help you get inside the mind of your ideal clients so you can create exactly what they need, when they need it. I hold space, do magic and help you heal your relationship with marketing.

I’m a marketing expert, yes. But I have learned that marketing inefficiency is rarely due to a lack of knowledge- it is normally linked to a dismissed and suppressed sense of self worth. If you truly knew how inconceivably magical you are, marketing your wares would be a no-freaking-brainer.

That’s when we dig into strategies, testing and experiments. To do it in the opposite order will yield frustrating results because your resistance will rule the intensity of your efforts.


I work with coaches, healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, health-focused consultants and other people who are on a mission to change the world one person at a time. The unifying thought is, “I am here on earth at this time for a reason and I’m going to make that reason the cornerstone of my business and income.”

My work is for you if you are committed to your growth and understand that you want to HEAL your relationship with marketing and release all resistance that holds you back from that growth. This is for you if you want to build a business that feels 100% aligned with you AND leads to expansion in all the ways that light you up. It is deep AND practical work. This is not for you if you are not ready to dig into your mind and deeply connect with yourself.


I spend most of my time helping you empower yourself to create COMPELLING content for your social media/blog posts/email sequences. I pay special attention to make sure that your personality comes through loud and clear. We focus on growing your business in an aligned and authentic way that honors your highest self and feels amazing. Together, we strategize and plan in all areas of your business so we are working smarter instead of harder.

I help you mount the proper wings your important message. I also review your product offerings, sales pages and help you brainstorm ideas. One of my favorite aspects of the full 1:1 coaching experience is that you would get access to all the smaller offerings I create during our time together. I am constantly creating new offerings and you get to grab those for $0.00.


I could hand you the most perfect marketing strategy of all time and you still wouldn’t execute on it because some part of you (or multiple parts of you) believes that you shouldn’t, don’t deserve, are unprepared for or will dislike the success that follows.

This is the work we do together. It’s intimate, raw, transformational, practical and DEEP AF.

There will be laughter, tears, maybe even some howling.


Here’s the best part- If you work with me, I hold nothing back. I’m talking to you regularly via Facebook Messenger, ready to chat via Zoom or phone to help you work through those big sticking points- this is in addition to the weekly calls. I have crafted my signature coaching packages in such a way that allows me to give you my very best. I am a PRESENT and committed coach who will sit with you, hold space for you, encourage you and support you through your challenges.


This program is individually tailored to you. It’s highly customized and no two clients will ever get the same coaching. Why? Because each business is unique! There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing! We embark on  a 4 month transformational journey that accomplishes the following things:

  • You will heal your relationship with marketing, worthiness, communication, accomplishment and GROWTH.
  • You will have clear understanding of the mission behind your business
  • You will have zero doubts on your ideal soulmate clients. You will know their pains and biggest motivators and how to talk to them so they ACTUALLY pay you!
  • You will know how to probe, prepare, prime and present your products so you can create a financially sustainable business.
  • You will have a solid marketing plan with easy and actionable steps that you can manage!
  • Most of all, you will have expansion. Your message will take wings and spread far and wide. What you have inside of you is so important to the world and I will help you on your mission to help humanity with your gifts.

Are you interested in working with me?

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Due to the hands-on nature of this one-on-one package, I am limited in the amount of clients I can take on. I have up to 5 open spots for these programs at any given time.

My 4 month 1:1 coaching program is

$5555 USD (or $1555/month for 4 months).

During our time together, you can expect the following:

  1.  Daily 1:1 access via Facebook Messenger.
  2.  Weekly 60 minute sessions where we work through the above process and track and measure your biz transformation.
  3.  A shared Trello dashboard and command center to streamline communication and projects.
  4. Complementary access to digital products created during our time together.
  5. Assistance/Guidance through a full launch.
  6. Collaborative opportunities with myself and my other 1:1 clients.
  7. I will review your social media content, email content, etc. to make sure it is aligned with your growth.
  8. Endless resources created by me to support you as you grow.

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