“All you need to do is give massive value and the clients will come.”


Um, no.


Value is this elusive thing that marketers tell you that you need to be giving all the time. But no one really takes the time to define it or give examples. I will be creating another blog post specifically for that purpose soon. Today, I’m going to assume you’re already giving value- whatever that may look like for your business.

“Providing value” is NOT enough. Not by itself.

I’m sorry. I know it’s not exactly what you wanted to hear right now but I have to be real with you.

I have a very real example to share with you.

Let me give you a bit of the back story.

I was giving away content (value) every single day to my FB community. Normally 30-60 minutes of live video training. Daily. Never fluff. Always actionable marketing advice. Value. Massive value, even.

And then it came time for me to launch. Not a $1000 product, not even a $500 product. It was $150. A four week course with all sorts of bonuses that was created with plenty of research and that I knew would solve their problems.

So launch time came! Yay!

TWO people purchased. I was estimating it would be about 10-15.

I’ll admit- I felt totally taken advantage of. I had given so much. Why weren’t they reciprocating? Especially at the no-brainer price?

I always, ALWAYS struggle with the desire to over-give. Not because I think my offerings are subpar or that my stuff is not that valuable, but because I can’t stand the thought of handing out band-aids when you obviously need an x-ray and maybe even surgery?

I learned a big lesson with that launch (at a much smaller financial scale obviously).

Value is only as helpful as the boundaries that come with it.

Give information, advice, encouragement, etc. But then move that interaction into one that respects your boundaries ASAP. (I’m talking about turning conversations into client relationships.)

Boundaries can be a tough spot for those of us who are sensitive, altruistic of empathic.

But I have some good news!


Boundaries serve ME (the business owner) because I need to make sure the energy transferred back and forth is equal. I need to manage that energy BECAUSE I understand the value I bring to the table. I understand what the conditions need to be (financially) for me to bring that value to as many people as possible.

Boundaries serve me because they serve my greater purpose of shifting financial abundance BACK to the healers, visionaries and artists. I can’t do that if I’m broke and I can’t do that if I’m burned out.

Boundaries serve MY AUDIENCE because sustainable growth is a journey, not a quantum leap. People can only absorb and implement so much information at once. It’s a total disservice to my audience to answer their question at this super deep level when they are just starting on their path as a business owner.

Boundaries serve them because PART OF THE GROWTH IS THE INVESTMENT. The literal transfer of funds is an important confirmation of the business owner’s belief in their ability to earn that investment back and more. The hiring of myself or any other coach/strategist/consultant/mentor/blahblahblah is an important step in their path because they are learning that TOGETHER we can accomplish more. They are learning that  having more eyes in your business can bring a lot of valuable insight.

So, yeah. Boundaries serve us both.

Value + Boundaries = Effective Lead Generation Strategy That Doesn’t Burn You Out.

Until next time!



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The One Thing You Need to Remember if You’re Struggling to Find Clients.

If you’re feeling like there’s literally no one out there who wants to work with you or partake in the magic you bring to the world…


(The breath is important, trust me. You’ll see why at the end.)
Now read the following:
Did your work come to you via inspiration? Did it hit you like a semi and light a fire under you to create it? Did it compel you to break out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there?
If your answer is yes and you don’t have people begging to work with you, stop and think.
Where did this inspiration come from?
What even IS inspiration?

Here’s the first definition of inspiration:

📚 The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Here’s the second:

📚 the drawing in of breath; inhalation.
Look at these two definitions together: Inspiration is being mentally stimulated to do something creating by drawing in breath.


We are all breathing the same air in this world.
When your soulmate client came to the realization they needed the work that you do, they let a breath out.
When you were inspired to create or work in a certain space, you drew that very breath in.
Isn’t that so freaking encouraging to know?
Soak it in, friend. Let this light you up.

If you’re inspired, lit up and still not attracting your soulmate clients,


It’s normally as simple as unclear communication about the value you bring to your client.
I promise you are not broken.
I promise your work is important and life-changing.
Do not give up. The world and all its human inhabitants need you to SHINE.
Do you need help with clearing up that communication so you can attract every single one of those soulmate clients eagerly waiting for you? Sign up for a compatibility call below to see if I can be of assistance to you as you fulfill your purpose in life?