Manifest Your Soulful Empire

Attraction Marketing for Teachers | Healers | Coaches

Who We Help

We work with coaches, healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, holistic health professionals and visionary leaders who are on a mission to change the world with their work and their message. Our work is for you if you are committed to your growth, desire to be supported in that growth and are open to healing your relationship with marketing yourself and your business.

You are a change maker and you know that you are meant to manifest a soulful empire that is meaningful and starts a ripple of healing throughout the world. 

If you want to build a business that feels 100% aligned with you AND leads to expansion in all the ways that light you up, schedule a strategy session today.

Who We Are

I support lightworkers and coaches call in high-end soulmate clients via social media in a way that makes them feel ALIVE and ALIGNED.
My name is Nannette Minley and I’m a marketing coach and strategist. I co-own a full service a marketing agency with my husband, Garrett Minley.
I am lit up by people who use their message and business to create JOY, HEALING and FREEDOM . I believe that together we can raise the collective consciousness and leave a meaningful, lasting impact in the world.
I live in Phoenix, AZ with my husband and two children, Rex and Luna. I am obsessed with all things personal growth, crystals, natural magic, glitter, abundance consciousness, and of course, marketing strategy.

How it Works

Marketing and Business Coaching: We upgrade your marketing, content creation and business overall. I support you as you learn to embody your personal next level and hold space for you as you move through every day challenges within your business.  We focus on growing your business in an aligned and authentic way that honors your highest self and feels amazing.

Intensives: We strategize and map out the next steps in your business growth in one powerful session. You will end up with an action plan and the resources to execute that plan on your own. Virtual and In-Person options available.

Marketing Services: Together, we strategize and plan in all areas of your business so we are working smarter instead of harder. We will help you mount the proper wings for your important message. We will also review your product offerings, your sales pages, your social media marketing efforts to improve your sales conversions.



One on One

We coach one on one to radically transform and upgrade your business, your marketing and your life. Next Open Session in Late March 2018.


We strategize the next steps in your business growth in one powerful 1:1 session. Available virtually and in-person (USA only).

Group Coaching

We harness the power of community and work together towards a common goal. Next Group Coaching Program Starts March 2018.


Review & Setup

We will audit and then optimize your business structure, your marketing strategy, and your programs and products for growth.

Lead Generation

We turn help you create and set up a sustainable, profitable, and predictable process that turns your audience into leads.

Social Media Marketing

We write, schedule, track, and optimize your social media presence to build an audience of people who know, like, and trust you.

Email Marketing

We will set up, write, automate, and edit full email marketing campaigns to help you build meaningful relationships with your clients.

Branding & Design

We help you communicate your values and develop your brand via visual branding, messaging, graphic design, and web design.

Systems & Automation

We will automate your marketing and tech systems to make running and growing your business easier and with less overwhelm.


I have worked with Nannette Minley for the last two months and the amount of experience she shared with me (through her Soulmate Client Clarity Session and now working 1:1), has been unbelievable.

She not only knows what she is talking about but also has a great ability to hold space for me step by step on what I need and I am capable of. I am also part of the Soulful Business Expansion Mastermind and this is priceless!

After chatting with Nannette, I took a leap and increased the prices on my packages. I could see that my packages were priced at a low level and that was because I didn’t feel worthy.

Now, I do.

Since doing that, I’ve booked 4 discovery calls, had a clarity session with a new client, and I have been receiving reassurance from those around me that I AM AMAZING. I AM WORTH THESE PRICES. MY WORK CHANGES LIVES. I AM INFINITE. I AM LIMITLESS.

I just sent over my pricing to 2 people – one last night, and one just now. I don’t feel bad about it. I found myself wanting to say  “OK, when you see the prices, don’t freak out” but I didn’t. Part of me wanted to… but if I did, I would be unconsciously telling them that I’m freaked out about it too, and unworthy or receiving it and then I would just be living in a lack mindset still.

I feel this is a HUGE leap in my mindset with money. I’m so thankful and feeling SO fucking abundant… I could cry.

Working with Nannette has been absolutely amazing. My business wouldn’t be what it is without her.

She’s funny, practical, and incredibly educated on biz strategy & marketing – she’s amazing!

I am continuously learning new things about myself and how I want to run my business because of working with Nannette.

I’m in her mastermind as well and this Promo is seriously a BIG DEAL! The mastermind is absolutely invaluable.

We get 3 group calls/month + a badass safe space in the form of a Facebook group. Nannette and the other members are always soon helpful and help to find a solution!

Nannette’s solutions are definitely action based, and the actions have been game changers for my biz!

I love working with her!

If you haven’t already booked a call with Nannette about anything Sales, Soulmate Client related or anything Marketing, please do yourself a favor & go do so! I had a chat with her a few days ago about my soulmate client and it was honestly one of the BEST conversations I’ve ever had!

As someone who wants to HELP THE WHOLE WORLD IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE, it was a little challenge to really narrow down my soulmate client, but Nannette helped me do it.

She is sooo down to earth, very real, funny, and truly helps you uncover some stuff! Everything that I go out of that conversations was golden! Definitely got me A LOT closer to where I need to be!


I had a call with Nannette, and I am STILL on fire, 24 hours later!

She is an amaze balls, fun, intelligent, professional, sassy and just all a coach should be! I got so many downloads, and food for MANY thoughts (quarter or more for her thoughts)! I want to work with her, over and over and over and over AND over!

She hacked my journal (in the best way) Talking to her is like talking to a well of wisdom with a grand sage mix, FRIEND, BIZ  SOULMATE #sisterfriend! I am indebted that she afforded me her time and expertise! I can’t wait until the next time Nannette!

#cheerstoNannette XOXO